Children under 5 may soon be eligible for Covid vaccine

ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — With two and half years of the pandemic underway, this week, federal health officials voted in favor of covid vaccinations for children six months to five years old. Experts on the panel approve vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna.

They will come in child sized doses. For Moderna, two vaccinations will be needed to be fully vaccinated, and for Pizer, three.

While these vaccines have been approved by the FDA, they are still waiting on the green light from the CDC. Dr. James Saperstone is a Community Care Pediatrician. He says more often than not, parents have inquired about vaccinations for their young ones, and he’s expecting to see an influx in patients. 

“Don’t forget that when Omicron came there were a lot of hospitalized kids, certainly not as much as adults, and I realize that. The studies from the two or three vaccines that are approved are very positive, with very few side effects. In fact, for the Moderna vaccine, what I’ve read is, there is even less arm pain and achiness,” he said.  

Doctor Saperstone says even though pharmacies will be able to administer the vaccines, parents are more likely to go to a pediatrician’s offices, “I think at least for this round and demographic of vaccines it’s gonna be in the hands of the pediatricians to give it because they’re really younger kids and we’re glad to do it.”

Saperstone says his office is currently pre-ordering. 

In a statement Governor Hochul says: Once the vaccine is recommended by the CDC Director, the New York State Department of Health will draft and issue guidance to providers. New York State is already making preparations to boost vaccination rates among children under the age of five. Vaccine providers across the state have already placed preliminary orders for 39,000 dosages.” 

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