Celebrating chocolate: Celebrate World Chocolate Day with some interesting flavours from around the world

It is believed that chocolate was introduced to Europe in 1550. To commemorate the introduction of chocolates to the world, World Chocolate Day has been observed since 2009. However, that is not the only day when chocolate is cherished and celebrated. National Chocolate Day is celebrated in the US on October 28, the US National Confectioners Association marks September 13 as International Chocolate Day, it is also the birth date of Milton S Hershey; Ghana celebrates Chocolate Day on February 14 and Latvia celebrates it on July 11. As the world celebrates World Chocolate Day on July 7, here are some interesting flavours from around the world.

Chai Chocolate
India has a deep connection with its tea. The tea-loving country serves the beverage in a number of flavours and ways of making it: elaichi tea, ginger tea, masala tea, kulhad tea and what not. Such deep goes the love for tea that even chocolates have found a tea connection in them. A number of brands have rolled out the caffeinated flavour. Some of them include Paul and Mike’s Farm to Bar 57% vegan milk chocolate with Indian Style Masala Chai flavour and Toska’s Chai Masala flavour, a single origin dark chocolate. One of DAGOBA’s organic chocolate flavours too has a chai twist. Called DAGOBA Organic Chai Chocolate Bar, the chocolate has 37% cacao and a flavour of tea spices.

Green Tea Chocolate
Green tea has, in the past few years, gained the reputation of being the healthy tea that helps with metabolism and shedding excessive fat. However, who would have thought a combination of green tea and chocolate could exist. But it does, and the result is a minty green coloured chocolate. From Amul’s Green-T Chocolate made with green tea extracts to Nestle’s KitKat with Green Tea flavour, both top and new brands have introduced the green variant in the chocolate. However, these flavours are sold in a few countries, keeping in mind the market for them. Lotte’s Choco Pie comes in green tea flavour, however, again in only a few countries.

Wasabi chocolate
Wasabi is also commonly called Japanese horseradish. It has a pungent taste and is a plant of the mustard family. Wasabi is also known to have a number of health benefits like anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The combination of wasabi and chocolate is what we call opposites attracting. The hot-flavoured wasabi with a chocolate twist is the one of the most interesting chocolate flavour combinations. KitKat has introduced wasabi flavour in some of the markets. Other chocolate brands like Conexion and Lindt, too, have wasabi flavoured dark chocolates.

Camel milk chocolate
Camel milk is known to be high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can help prevent diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and so on. Daily consumption of camel milk is also claimed to improve blood sugar control in those with diabetes. While milk chocolates are a fairly popular commodity, camel milk chocolates too have become popular globally. Aadvik Foods has its range of camel milk chocolates like camel milk chocolate classic and coffee camel milk chocolate. Amul too has launched its camel milk chocolate. Hye Foods has its range of chocolates with the goodness of camel milk.

Sea salt chocolate
It is said that the benefits of sea salt outweigh the benefits of regular table salt. It contains more minerals than the processed salt. Sea salt also helps with arthritis, cardiac functioning, digestion and a better immune system. The sea salt flavour is increasingly becoming popular in chocolates. Mason & Co has its Sea Salt Dark Chocolate and Rosemary & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. Lindt’s dark chocolate comes with a touch of sea salt, Godiva’s signature dark chocolate comes in the salty flavour with sea salt crystals.

Sweet potato chocolate
Sweet potatoes are known as good sources of beta carotene, plant compounds, vitamins and minerals. It also helps in improving blood sugar regulation. Chocolates after potato chips are often the go-to snack options for children but combining the two is a bizarre but a real idea. Japan’s Okinawa finds a rare flavour of KitKat: the sweet potato flavour that comes in pinkish purple packaging. The limited-edition rollout was targeted at the region.

Chilli chocolate
Another interesting mix is that of the chilli and the chocolate. Chilli is known to boost metabolism and reduce appetite. Chillies are also a good source of antioxidants. The chilli chocolate flavour is fairly common and easily found with brands like Lindt’s that has a chilli dark chocolate flavour, Smoor’s that has a Spicy Indian Chilli Dark Chocolate flavour, Mason & Co that has a chilli and cinnamon dark chocolate flavour, and so on. The brand RiteBite’s Max Protein has launched a breakfast cookie in the chilli chocolate flavour. Paul and Mike’s Amazonian Pink Pepper chocolate too is a unique one with cocoa beans, cocoa butter, muscovado sugar and Amazonian pink pepper are some of its ingredients.

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