Cavaliers Fans Are Ready To Make A Bold Claim

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Fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers have an awful lot to be excited about.

That was true a few months ago after the great season the team had.

The young upstarts weren’t able to make the playoffs but the regular season they had before them was quite sensational and very promising, proving that they are a team to watch out for.

But then things got even more stirring when the team landed Donovan Mitchell a few weeks ago.

The addition of Mitchell changed everything and made the team seem even more great.

Some are going so far to say that the combination of Darius Garland and Mitchell is now the best backcourt in the NBA.

That’s quite the claim.

While the Cavs have some tough competition, it’s not completely insane to say that this pairing really is one of the best backcourt in the entire league.

What will it produce?


Garland & Mitchell

Both Garland and Mitchell are All-Star players who perform with speed and enthusiasm and work excellently with their teams.

There is no doubt that they are two of the best guards in the NBA.

The question is how they will work together.

Sometimes a pairing of two great players doesn’t always mesh like fans hope.

And sometimes it takes a while for the teams to really come together and work like an actual unit.

While there is certainly potential for something really special with this new Cavaliers pairing, fans shouldn’t be brokenhearted if they aren’t achieving greatness right out the gate.

It should also be remembered that the Eastern Conference is more competitive and athletic than perhaps ever before.

Even with such a stellar backcourt, the Cavaliers are going to have to fight very, very hard.

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