Cardinals Fan Shows Off A Fun Prize From Adam Wainwright

Adam Wainwright #50 of the St. Louis Cardinals points toward home plate after striking out Bryan Reynolds #10 of the Pittsburgh Pirates during the first inning on Opening Day at Busch Stadium on April 7, 2022 in St. Louis, Missouri.
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Each day after he pitches, Adam Wainwright does a little something called a “Day After Pitching Old Man Walk.”

The St. Louis Cardinals ace will take walks around certain ballparks the day after he pitches and take in the sights and sounds of the stadiums and the many different cities.

However, when he’s in St. Louis and does his Old Man walks in Busch Stadium, he has started doing something kind of fun.

He has started hiding little gifts such as signed baseballs at various places within the ballpark and giving Cardinals fans hints of where to find them on Twitter.

One fan found a signed baseball and made sure to thank Wainwright on Twitter last night.


Wainwright Hides Signed Ball, Fan Finds It

Wainwright has always been great at interacting with his fans on both social media and in the real world.

He’s a man of the people and knows how to make fans fall in love with him.

His Old Man walks are special because for all we know, 2022 could be Wainwright’s final season in Major League Baseball before he decides to call it quits.

But it’s cool to see him hide certain prizes within Busch Stadium and send Cards fans on a little scavenger hunt to find them.

This Cardinals fan was lucky enough to have found a signed ball with his little brother.

That’s a little piece of history.

Having a ball signed by Wainwright himself has to be a dream come true for these fans.

Wainwright loves to interact with Cardinals fans on Twitter and knows that they love to see what he finds during his Old Man walks, as well as what prizes he hides deep within Busch Stadium.

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