Cannabis Control Board approves home growing regulations

NEW YORK (NEWS10) –The Cannabis Control Board has approved new growing regulations for medical patients and designated caregivers to grow their own cannabis at home. This vote paves the way for medical cannabis patients in New York to have a more affordable option to access their medicine.

Under the new approved regulations, certified patients or designated caregivers will be allowed to grow up to three mature and three immature cannabis plants at one time, and if a designated caregiver is growing for multiple patients, they can grow up to six mature and six immature plants at one residence.

“Today’s approval of the medical home grow regulations is a monumental step forward in improving New York State’s medical cannabis program,” said Tremaine Wright, Chair of the Cannabis Control Board. “We are creating opportunities for patients across the state to access the medicine they need on their own terms, giving those individuals guided autonomy over how they choose to get their medicine, whether it be from the comfort of their own backyards or at their neighborhood medical dispensary.”

In addition to approving new regulations, the Board voted to approve updated amendments to the regulations for New York’s Cannabinoid Hemp program. Under these new regulations, changes include –

  • Creating a new license type to make it easier for the licensed hemp farmers in New York State to manufacture and sell their own cannabinoid hemp flower products to duly licensed retailers or sell those products themselves if they have a retail license.
  • Providing requirements for the use of the term “craft” in the labeling and marketing of cannabinoid hemp products.
  • Removing the requirement that cannabinoid hemp products be shelf-stable, allowing for a broader array of products;
  • Raising the per serving milligram (mg) cap for dietary supplement cannabinoid hemp products from 75 mg to 100 mg to better align with products in the market;
  • Requiring cannabinoid hemp processors to include on the label the state(s) where the hemp used to manufacture the product was sourced from;
  • Adding additional requirements to ensure cannabinoid hemp products manufactured out-of-state meet the requirements of the NY program.

All of these regulations will go into effect on October 5.

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