Buffalo Bills on the road to Super Bowl LVII


ALBANY, N.Y.(NEWS10) – It was wall to wall excitement at a jam packed McGeary’s Irish Pub in Albany as fans drank and cheered on their beloved Buffalo Bills Sunday afternoon.

And those fans sure were excited and geared up for a victory as they told NEWS10 about their Super Bowl dreams.  

“Unbelievable! We’ve come so far. It’s been a crazy season but anyway you can get a win, I’ll take it. Let’s go Buffalo,” said one Buffalo Bills fan.

McGeary’s taking home a win as well.

“Money is flowing, drinks are going. Everybody’s having a good time,” said McGeary’s bartender, Trinel McDermott.  

Now this was the second game for the Bills to play since Damar Hamlin had a cardiac arrest on the field and spectators at the pub remember that all too frightful day.

 “To see something that traumatic on the field and then come back from that, that’s insane,” said another Buffalo fan.

But fans say they are hopeful to see Hamlin return to the sidelines in the upcoming division game.

 “That would be great to have him on the sidelines cheering on the team. And, just like, the energy I think would be crazy,” said another fan.

The No. 2 seeded team, the Buffalo Bills, took on their division rival the No. 7 seeded team the Miami Dolphins. This was the third time these teams have played each other this season.

And the Bills secured their spot with a 34 to 31 win.

“Let’s go buffalo,” said an excited fan at the end of the game.

The Bills could be making a run for Super Bowl LVII depending on the outcome of their next game.

Up next for the Bills is a potential rematch with the Cincinnati Bengals as that team faces off against the Baltimore Ravens, Sunday night.

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