Bob Myers Reveals His Feelings On Andre Iguodala

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With the start of training camp about a week away, the roster for the Golden State Warriors is set, with possibly one exception.

They have one final roster spot remaining, and it appears general manager Bob Myers is keeping it open in case veteran forward Andre Iguodala decides to return for one more season.

All summer long, he hasn’t decided whether to keep playing, but Myers is still hopeful he will come back for a run at a fifth NBA championship.

While on a recent episode of “The TK Show” podcast, Myers told Tim Kawakami of The Athletic that Iguodala has immense leadership skills where he can hold Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green accountable while also being a positive influence on the team’s up-and-coming rotation players.

“There’s no one else in the league that can do that for our team,” said Myers. “And we think he can still play and help us in certain spots. So we really want him back.”


Iguodala Has Given The Warriors A Multi-Faceted Veteran Role Player

For Golden State, Green is its Swiss Army knife, as he is a jack of all trades such as rebounding, passing and handling the ball in the open court but is also a master of defense.

Iguodala is a role player cut from a similar mold, and although he isn’t as skilled or talented as Green, he can do many of the same things he does.

In particular, the 6-foot-6 forward’s defense has made him a valuable part of each of their four championship teams in the Curry era.

Although he is not a good 3-point shooter anymore, percentage-wise, his ability to hit timely treys is still an asset to the Warriors, as is his passing.

He isn’t quite the player he was in his younger days when he averaged nearly 20 points a game, but at the same time, the Warriors won’t be asking him to play that many minutes, especially given the depth they have at both forward spots.

But his veteran leadership and experience could possibly be the most valuable attribute he has to offer them at this point.


The Warriors Are Optimistic Iguodala Will Return

NBA reporter Marc Stein wrote recently on his substack that Golden State does expect Iguodala to return to the team, but that nothing is official yet, and that the forward will announce his decision this week on his podcast.

It’s a heartening feeling to be wanted, especially by an upstanding organization such as the Warriors, and it behooves such a person to return the favor by returning for a little while.

The team has an incredible opportunity to win its fifth world championship in a nine-year span, something only the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers have ever done in the NBA.

It’s the type of accomplishment that could make Iguodala a very proud and content man for the rest of his life, and if he decides to return for the upcoming season, he and the Warriors will have a good chance of pulling it off.

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