Bishop working to keep the peace with Pastors on Patrol

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — One day after an officer-involved shooting in Albany, the community demanded answers from the police department. A bishop from Pastors on Patrol was on the street with protestors trying to keep the peace.

On Tuesday, Bishop Avery Comithier got a first hand look at police body camera footage to get a better understanding of what happened. He believes some in the community may have jumped to conclusions without having all the facts first.

“It appears to be justifiable,” he said. “I looked at it over and over — even in slow motion — on my own. It appears it was, unfortunately, justifiable. It seems like the officers used as much restraint as they could.”

The shooting took place Monday evening on the 100-block of Franklin Street. Police were initially called to the residence for a domestic call. When the suspect was brought outside, officers learned he had an outstanding warrant in the city of Albany.

When they tried to bring him in on the warrant, police said the suspect stabbed an officer in the arm. That is when a second officer fired his weapon and struck the suspect in the torso. Both the officer and the suspect were taken to Albany Medical Center and are in stable condition.

Police released the body camera footage to the public on Tuesday.

Bishop Comithier told NEWS10 he wants to share his view with community members and help them understand that the officers had to defend themselves. He plans to be out near the scene if protestors return to help be a peacemaker between the police and community.

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