Bird Poop Will Eat Through Your Car’s Paint!

While a few may consider bird droppings as ‘good luck’, most feel the opposite about it, especially when it is baking on the surface of your own car. So, what is the big deal, it is just a bit of bird poop, right? Well, it turns out that bird poo is very acidic because of the uric acid present in it. These low pH levels [roughly 3-4.5], especially on a hot summer day, lead to corrosive effects on the car wax/paint/clear coat.

While a simple hand car wash on-site immediately after the fact could be the best solution, it is not as simple as that at times. Damage to the car paint can start as early as 3 minutes after the poo contacts the vehicle’s surface, particularly on hot days. A professional car wash takes time, and by then, it could be too late, here is what you need to know about dealing with bird poop safely and swiftly.

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