Bill Belichick Is Trying To Be Too Smart This Season

Head coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots looks on during the preseason game between the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers at Gillette Stadium on August 19, 2022 in Foxborough, Massachusetts.
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The New England Patriots are starting 2022 with a loss on their record.

With their loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, the Patriots have now dropped four straight games to them.

However, some are blaming the Patriots’ lack of a true offensive coordinator for the team’s current problems.

Is head coach Bill Belichick trying to be too smart by not having an OC this season?


Belichick Oddly Has Matt Patricia Calling Some Offensive Plays

With no offensive coordinator, the play calling has to fall on someone.

While Belichick is known by some as a defensive guru, some think he needs an OC.

However, he’s looking to Matt Patricia to help with play calling.

But that play calling by him isn’t going over well for New England.

With Sunday’s loss at Miami, it was the fewest points scored by New England against them since 2006.

This makes the offensive play calling look horrible for New England to start the season.

The offensive woes come after Mac Jones had an impressive rookie season for the team.

However, the magic from his rookie season is wearing off with a new offensive leader calling plays.


Jones And Offensive Line Look Bad In Week One

While the play calling by Patricia was bad, the Patriots’ offensive unit wasn’t any better.

Jones was clueless during some plays, and his offensive line wasn’t helping him.

However, as Mark Daniels notes, the offensive woes have been a thing all preseason.

With the disaster spilling over to the regular season, Belichick has a major problem on his hands.

While some problems can come from a lack of OC in New England, others stem from poor decision making from Jones.

His failure to protect the ball lead to two turnovers, one resulting in a defensive touchdown on a sack fumble.

But are the Patriots doing too much with Belichick and Patricia making offensive play calls?


Could Belichick And Patricia Lose Their Locker Room After Poor Start?

One cautionary tale of the NFL is how coaches that lose get canned.

With the horrible start New England has in 2022, could their locker room lose faith in their coaches?

It’s something former Patriot Julian Edelman believes could happen.

The slow start in Sunday’s game is the right recipe for Edelman’s “not for long” comment about Patricia.

However, the problem with Patricia making offensive play calls comes from him being better as a defensive play caller in New England.

In fact, his leadership as Patriots defensive coordinator for five years in New England landed him a head coaching job in 2018.

But that job in Detroit was short-lived, which helped him return to New England as an offensive line coach.

While he’s coached the offensive line before in New England, it’s his defense people remember.

His one year as an offensive line assistant coach in 2005 gave him little experience with the offense.

However, Belichick is being too smart with things by handing Patricia the keys to the play calling duties.

It’s that mistake by him which might hurt the Patriots in 2022, causing the locker room to turn on him.

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