Bears Secure First Overall Pick For 2023 NFL Draft


A Chicago Bears graphic is  displayed in Grant Park, at the entrance of the NFL Draft Town, prior to the start of the 2016 NFL Draft on April 28, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.
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The Chicago Bears came into week 18 with the second overall pick for 2023.

While the path to the first overall pick wasn’t easy, the Bears have secured the number one pick.

However, securing the pick is a bittersweet moment for the team, as it meant losing to the Minnesota Vikings.

But they also needed the Houston Texans to win their game.

While the Bears put up a fight and came up short, the Texans defied everyone with their win over the Indianapolis Colts.

During the Bears game, the offense could only muster two touchdowns.

However, one of those touchdowns was a spectacular play by Velus Jones Jr., as he walked a tightrope to stay in bounds for a touchdown.

While the Bears had little to be happy about from Sunday’s performance, the Jones touchdown and first overall pick should make up for the team’s lackluster offense.

Now, with the first overall pick secured, the Bears must decide what they will do with their pick.

Do they keep it and draft another quarterback to replace Justin Fields?

Or will they make multiple trades to build draft capital?

If the Bears believe in Fields, they need to make some trades to build for the future.

Their first team to trade with should be the Texans, who many see as a team needing a quarterback.

With them holding the second overall pick now, the Bears can trade back again to build more draft capital.

However, if the Bears feel Fields isn’t their answer, they will keep their pick and draft a quarterback in 2023.

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