Ballston Spa health shop helping others live their ‘best life’

BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Lisa Pelech, the owner of Best Life Nutrition in Ballston Spa, opened her shop in June 2020. The shop sells protein shakes and sweet teas using Herbalife products, but Pelech wants to offer other services to help her customers live their best lives.

Pelech was in the sleep medicine field for 15 years before she realized she wanted to open her own business. Best Life Nutrition was originally supposed to open in March 2020, but then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The shop opened a few months later.

“The first year we opened was amazing,” said Pelech. “Everybody wanted to get out of their house because of COVID.”

The shakes and teas can help people lose weight, gain weight, or just help people live a healthy life. Pelech said she focuses on power positivity and wants to inspire her customers.

“I have a lot of customers come in and they’re here not because they want to lose weight. They’re just here because maybe they don’t want to get their caffeine somewhere else in the morning,” said Pelech. “They like the way the fun teas look. The kids come in and they can get caffeine-free options.”

Pelech said the shakes are soy-based, but she’s working on upgrading the menu. The menu includes other products that can be added to the drinks such as immune boosters, aloe, and probiotics.

Herbalife has been a weight-loss business for over 40 years. Pelech said anyone can open a shop; they just have to go through Herbalife training.

“We were the first one in this area. We chose this area because there were so many clubs open already but they were more in the southern area like Clifton Park, Mechanicville, and further south,” said Pelech.

When Herbalife first started, Pelech said you couldn’t just walk in and get what you wanted, you had to be a member. That’s why she still refers to her shop and other Herbalife sister stores as “clubs.”

Pelech is working to offer her customers more than teas and shakes. She’s been working with one of her customers who’s getting certified to be a trainer and will be offering workout programs at the shop. She said these would be pop-up events and customers would need to sign-up ahead of time.

She’s also thinking about offering a weight loss challenge or getting people together with a personal trainer to help them get to know their bodies. Pelech also might reach out to yoga or meditation instructors to see if she can offer those services.

“I love Herbalife and I love the club, but I feel like this is kind of a stepping stone for me to really talk to people and help them change their lives,” said Pelech. “I really want to inspire other people to have a more positive, healthier lifestyle.”

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