Baker Mayfield To Carolina Ends Cam Newton’s Hopes Of A Return

Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers walks off the field after losing 29-21 to the Atlanta Falcons at Bank of America Stadium on December 12, 2021 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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The Carolina Panthers finally made their trade deal for Baker Mayfield.

His arrival in Carolina has people focusing on current Panthers players Sam Darnold and Robbie Anderson.

However, there is another player who is affected by the Panthers trade for Mayfield.

That player is Cam Newton, who was looking for a return to Carolina this season.

But with Mayfield in Carolina, his hopes of returning have ended.

So what is the story behind Cam and the end of his Panthers career?


Newton’s Fall From Glory In Carolina Started In 2019

To say Newton is a horrible quarterback would be a lie.

He has done well in Carolina, and is the best quarterback the franchise has had in their young history.

However, his fall from his glory years with the team would happen in 2019.

He would start the season 0-2, but had to leave after that second game because of a Lisfranc fracture.

That injury would sideline him for the rest of the season and lead the Panthers to release him in 2020.

When this happened, Cam felt the team gave up on him.

To Newton, it was a slap in the face to an icon in Carolina.

However, to the Panthers, they felt they couldn’t afford Newton with all the injuries during his NFL career.

But was this move right for Carolina to take with Cam being a beloved player by fans?


Every Injury Cam Has Suffered Has Changed Him

Cam is no stranger to injuries in his life.

While his first NFL injury didn’t occur until 2012, his first football-related injury was in 2008.

During that year, he was a sophomore QB with the University of Florida.

He would play in the opening game of that 2008 season against Hawaii.

In that game, he suffered an ankle injury, which would lead him to take a medical redshirt.

He wouldn’t play another game until he went to Auburn University and became their starting QB in 2010.

It was a move that was a significant change for him, as his injury led him to this point.

However, another serious injury in 2014 saw Newton come back with a vengeance in the NFL.


A Car Crash In December 2014 Saw Newton Suffer A Lower Back Fracture

In a scary moment for Newton and the Panthers, the star quarterback would fall victim to a car crash, which fractured his lower back.

However, he would make it back in time for the 2015 season, and complete an unheard of season for Carolina.

But unfortunately for him, the season saw the Panthers come up short of winning Super Bowl 50.

After that one spectacular season, he hasn’t won as many games.

Maybe he put everything he could into that one season, causing him to be less lethal as a player after that season ended.

Since 2016, Cam is 30-36 and only having one winning season in that span.

By ending Cam’s chances of coming back to Carolina, the team is actually helping his legacy there.

If they brought him back, chances are his legacy could have been destroyed with each loss in Carolina.

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