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Apple is slated to launch a new variant of their smartwatches this when they launch the Apple Watches Series 8

Apple Watch extreme sports variant could cost more than most iPhones

The new variant will be the top-of-the-line Apple Watch that customers can buy, and will be positioned as the go-to smartwatch for people who have an active lifestyle and want their smartwatches to be rugged. Apple is planning to call this variant the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro.

Apart from the features and specifications that the “Pro” watch is going to get, what really will turn heads, is its price. As per a recent leak from reliable and known Apple tipster, Mark Gruman, the new Watch Series 8 Pro could be priced the same as the current iPhone 13 Pro, which is around $900 which is roughly Rs 72,000 in Indian currency. 

In India, there is a very good chance that Apple prices the watch over Rs 1 Lakh once you factor in all sorts of taxes and premiums that get levied on Indian customers when they buy Apple products.

Apple will launch the new Watch Series 8 and the iPhone 14 series sometime in September at their annual fall or autumn event.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is slated to come with a bigger display, design and a slightly bigger battery. Some materials that will be used for the casing and the display might also be different.

Gruman’s leaks suggest that the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro could feature a 2-inch display and it is tipped to be built with strong materials and is positioned as a rugged watch. This watch will also be coming with better health management and sports tracking sensors, along with a more accurate hiking mode as well.

Earlier leaks had revealed that this year, Apple will be offering the Apple Watch Series 8 in three different variants, the Watch SE, the Watch Series 8 and the Watch Series 8 Pro.

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