Angels Insider Reveals How Many People Wanted The Team


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In the last few hours, Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno made the news because he announced the team is no longer for sale.

A few months ago, he revealed his intentions of looking to sell the Angels amid an important performance crisis.

Together with the Detroit Tigers, the Angels are the owners of the longest ongoing playoff drought at eight years.

They haven’t even sniffed the postseason since 2014 and that’s with Mike Trout on the roster since 2012 and Shohei Ohtani since 2018.

Something happened along the way that Moreno backed down from the idea.

“The Angels had 5 potential bidders, according to sources familiar. The team was expected to sell for more than $2.5 billion, quite possibly over $3 billion. Then, on a whim, Arte Moreno decided not to sell. So now what? What does this mean?” Angels insider Sam Blum tweeted.

Evidently, this was more of an exploratory exercise from Moreno, who likely wanted to see what kind of offer he could get.

Clearly, he wasn’t too convinced about the potential money he could make on a sale and decided not to pursue his original plan.

As Blum said in one of his replies, this could hurt him if he decides to eventually sell the organization.

Potential buyers probably saw this move as not serious, potentially scaring away some.

Pressure from fans is really building up at the moment, especially knowing that they only have a year left of Ohtani.

Re-signing him will be one of Moreno’s priorities, but the Angels need to show him they can win.

Will they be able to do that?

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