AISECT launches AISECT Learn, aims to provide upskilling courses


AISECT Group has launched AISECT Learn, an e-learning platform, designed for upskilling and knowledge building that enables learners to master in-demand, industry-ready skills, delivered in multiple languages. The platform aims to offer an array of disciplines recognised by global universities. According to AISECT, the learning modules offered at AISECT Learn are aligned with New Education Policy offering more than 1,000 courses, across 80 categories, offering soft skills and placement oriented training. 

The upskilling stream includes data science, digital marketing, business management, software development, cyber security, cloud computing, BFSI, entrepreneurship, renewable energy among others. AISECT Learn claims to offer a blended model of learning wherein students gain access to courses in vernacular languages through online and in-person classes led by  trainers. 

“On this world youth skills day AISECT Learn invites learners to upskill themselves with new age skills for better careers. Our quest to provide quality education over the past three decades has played a key role in the education landscape. As we continue to build the AISECT legacy, we endeavour to provide opportunities that will encourage professionals to up-skill and garner advanced skills without having to bear the opportunity cost. With our core pillars of Better Education and Better Career, AISECT Learn has opportunities for everyone looking at up-skilling and building their skill sets to meet the evolving industry standards,” Siddharth Chaturvedi, vice president, AISECT Group said.

AISECT Learn also claims to offer employment opportunities for instructors and content partners who can participate in the programme through a revenue-sharing model or licence-based transfer pricing model. 

The revenue-sharing model allows instructors and content partners to create video content with the help of AISECT studio, where they can enjoy the benefits of co-branding, and marketing by AISECT Learn whereas in the licence-based model instructors can teach using AISECT Learn courses, an official statement said. 

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