After 5 puppies die, Dutchess County SPCA looking for those who sold them

HYDE PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Dutchess County SPCA has been investigating reports of two people selling sick puppies since they received six of the puppies in June. According to DCSPCA Executive Director Lynne Meloccaro, all but one of the puppies have died from parvo.

“These are puppies, so they are very susceptible to getting ill,” said Meloccaro.

Symptoms of the canine parvovirus include the inability to walk, diarrhea, and vomiting. It’s also highly contagious, and those infected need around-the-clock care.

Marley is the last surviving puppy. Meloccaro said DCSPCA has spent $5,300 on his care so far and they’re spent more than that on the puppies who didn’t make it.

Marley, the last surviving puppy (DCSPCA)

“After not being able to save the other puppies, we really want Marley to live,” said Meloccaro.

Meloccaro said four of the puppies were turned into them by a concerned party. The other two were rescued from a pond after being thrown in there. Meloccaro thinks they’re all connected and came from the same place since they all had parvo and looked very similar.

According to Meloccaro, the man and woman who have been selling these sick puppies have been moving around the area. They’ve been spotted in Dutchess and Ulster Counties, and most recently at Woodbury Commons in Orange County.

This is a humane law case, said Meloccaro, which means DCSPCA is handling the case and the police aren’t involved. DCSPA would need evidence that these people are selling the puppies knowing that they are sick to bring charges against them.

DCSPCA is also warning the public to never buy puppies from a stranger, especially in a public place. Meloccaro said these people won’t get the puppies vaccinated because it will cut into their profits. You also don’t know where the puppies came from exactly.

If you see these people selling puppies around the area, Meloccaro asks you to take photos and send them to along with the location. DSPCA also accepts donations if you would like to help with Marley’s care or the care of the other animals in the shelter.

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