A Surprise Team Was Interested In Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo #10 of the San Francisco 49ers talks with quarterbacks coach Brian Griese prior to the game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on September 11, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.
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The San Francisco 49ers had a long summer with what they wanted to do with Jimmy Garoppolo.

While the team was allowing their veteran QB to seek a trade, they never got an offer.

However, a new report is showing one team that had an interest in the 49ers quarterback.

So which surprise team was after the veteran QB for the 2022 season?


Los Angeles Rams Were Looking Into Getting Garoppolo

No one could ever see the Los Angeles Rams as a team showing interest in the 49ers QB.

However, the Rams wanted Garoppolo, but only if the 49ers cut him.

This potential move is shocking, as the team already has Matthew Stafford.

But after Stafford’s poor Thursday night performance, were the Rams already having buyer’s remorse with their current QB?

While it’s doubtful, an injury to Stafford’s elbow that he’s recovering from could mean the team needs a good backup QB.

If the issues Stafford is currently going through with his throwing arm persist, he might miss some games this season.

The news of this interest in Garoppolo by the Rams can mean one thing for them and Stafford this season.


Rams Might Feel Stafford’s “Thrower’s Elbow” Is Worse Than Reported

Before the NFL season began, there were reports of Stafford suffering from thrower’s elbow.

This condition is usually seen with pitchers in baseball.

However, it’s something the Rams QB is dealing with and had surgery on this season.


But after Thursday night’s horrible three interception night, that injury might still be lingering.

It also means, with the reports of the Rams wanting Garoppolo, the team had their own concerns with his recovery.

While benching him leaves the team with John Wolford, getting Garoppolo can keep them in playoff contention if Stafford is out.

That could be the thought process in Los Angeles, as the team is a Super Bowl favorite in 2022.


While Rams Might Want Garoppolo, 49ers Won’t Deal Him To Any Divisional Rival

With the interest the Rams had in Garoppolo, some wonder why they didn’t make a trade offer.

However, it’s easy to see why San Francisco will decline a trade of Garoppolo to Los Angeles.

With the Rams in their division, they don’t want to help their division opponent.

It’s also why the Rams had to lurk in the shadows, waiting and hoping for a Garoppolo release.

But with their hopes of getting the 49ers QB gone, it’s clear they need a solid backup for Stafford.

While they need that veteran signal caller, the 49ers are happy to watch them suffer.

The move to rework Garoppolo’s contract might prove the wisest move by San Francisco this season.

It keeps the veteran QB with the team, a plus if Trey Lance ends up a bust this season.

However, the best part is it keeps him off the roster of other teams.

With a strong division opponent like the Rams wanting him, they couldn’t afford to let him get on their roster.

It also keeps him away from Seattle, another division team needing a QB.

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