9 of the East Road 10 went home. Then there’s Edna


GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The “East Road 10” came to the Fulton County SPCA matted, starving, and in low spirits. They were quickly nursed back to health, and there’s one special girl left who still needs a loving home.

“She’s quite the little snuggle bug,” said Renee Earl, Fulton County Regional SPCA President.

All given human names by the SPCA staff, Arthur, Stanley, Walter, Sophia, and the others were rescued from a property in Ephratah last month in pretty bad shape.

The two arrested in the case of alleged animal abuse, Harvey Martz and Laure Murray, are due in court Thursday. They already had an initial bond hearing, but this will be their first appearance on the criminal issue. 

Following a decent amount of media attention, nine of the Shih-Tzus found homes quickly after recovering from various kinds of infections. And then there’s Edna. She’s the last of the group to need a home. She’s a sweet girl, just a little more reserved than her friends were.

“She needs a much quieter home, maybe one without children in and out of the house,” Earl said, “maybe an older, retired couple who’s just looking for somebody to snuggle. That’s not to say she doesn’t play, she can certainly play and have a good time. She just takes a while longer to warm up than the others.”

She warmed up to our NEWS10 crew and camera just fine. Maybe it’s because she hopes her future forever owners will catch her segment on the evening news, or come across this article.

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