3 Reasons Justin Fields Struggled In 2021

Justin Fields #1 of the Chicago Bears throws as he is pressured by Alex Wright #94 of the Cleveland Browns during the first half of a preseason game at FirstEnergy Stadium on August 27, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio.
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2021 wasn’t the season the Chicago Bears and quarterback Justin Fields had in mind.

Both he and the team saw many issues, leading the Bears to a 6-11 record last season.

However, there are reasons behind those issues.

Some came from the struggles Fields had as a rookie QB that season.

But there are reasons behind his struggles in the 2021 NFL season.

So what are the three reasons behind him struggling last season?


3. Fields Couldn’t Read Defensive Pressure Properly

A deep story is found behind the offensive line issues in Chicago during the 2021 season.

One story shows a team who allowed the most sacks in 2021.

However, another story shows an offensive line that wasn’t as bad as those sack numbers tell fans.

If the offensive line is holding their blocks for this time, why was the line allowing so many sacks?

This means the problem comes from Fields indecisiveness and his poor reading of defensive pressure.

Instead of making pocket passes, he left that pocket his offensive line created.

This led to him needlessly running out of the pocket, creating sacks for the defense.

If the Bears offensive line can keep good pass blocking win rates up, Fields will only need to have better pocket awareness.

However, him not having this awareness will lead to those same 2021 struggles yet again.


2. Fields Best Receiver Was Playing With An Injury

When your top receiver isn’t playing his best because of an injury, it hurts the team.

That’s what the Bears saw with Allen Robinson for 2021.

After dealing with an ankle injury, many felt he was giving up on the field.

In a game against Green Bay, passes intended for him got intercepted, with some feeling he was to blame.

With an issue like this, it was causing Fields to struggle.

Had Robinson been healthy, the struggles of the Bears QB might not exist.

However, there’s one last problem that is to blame for his struggles during the 2021 season.


1. Matt Nagy Provided Poor Play Calls For Fields

If you don’t get the correct play calls, games will end poorly.

When Fields was thrown into a game against the Cleveland Browns in 2021, he got the worst play calling ever.

With no one fooled by the play calling of Matt Nagy, the result was their quarterback struggling all game.

However, the poor management by Nagy with play calling extended throughout the 2021 season.

These mistakes led the team to losing games and for their QB to fail.

But now Fields has an all-new coaching staff that’s working with him.

While he needs to learn a new system, he now has coaches who are competent .

With Nagy gone, this biggest struggle for Fields might be behind him.

However, if the new coaches in Chicago are no better than Nagy, those struggles will continue.

But with Fields doing well during the preseason, fans are hoping all these struggles are behind their QB.

This is a new season and fans want a much better year out of the second year quarterback for 2022.

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