3 NFL Teams That Are All Hype In 2022

A detailed view of the NFL logo is seen at SoFi Stadium during the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Los Angeles Rams on October 03, 2021 in Inglewood, California.
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The NFL 2022 season is full of hype with teams in the league.

With everyone coming out with the NFL predictions, we see some old faces at the top of both the NFC and AFC.

However, this 2022 season will see some of those past favorites take a nosedive.

So which three NFL teams are all hype this season?


3. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys come into the 2022 season as the favorite to win the NFC East.

However, they won’t be doing that this season.

While the team went 12-5 last season, clinching the NFC East, they would be one and done in the NFC Wild Card Game.

Their meltdown to the San Francisco 49ers, a team who got into the playoffs by a miracle last season, is a cautionary tale.

Mike McCarthy isn’t the Super Bowl coach he was during his time with the Green Bay Packers.

His poor decision-making is rubbing off on the players, and it was those poor choices that got him fired in Green Bay.

Even Hal on Twitter knew McCarthy would cost them a big game, something that came true in the playoffs.

However, it won’t just be McCarthy who will kill the Cowboys’ chances in 2022.

Both the Washington Commanders and Philadelphia Eagles are out to challenge the Cowboys for the NFC East title.

The improvements they made will give them a shot to dethrone Dallas in 2022.


2. Kansas City Chiefs

Ever since Patrick Mahomes took the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl,  everyone says they are Super Bowl contenders.

They are the beast of the AFC West, and have won the division the last six seasons.

However, that time is up for them in 2022.

With them missing star players like Tyreek Hill and Tyrann Mathieu, it will be difficult for them to win the division again.

They also face the Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders in the AFC West, two teams who made major improvements during the 2022 offseason.

With Vegas getting Davante Adams, they now have an enormous weapon for quarterback Derek Carr.

The Chargers made their move by getting Khalil Mack for their defense.

Even with Mahomes, things will be difficult in 2022 for the Chiefs in the AFC West.


1. Green Bay Packers

No other team disappoints more than the Green Bay Packers.

A team once known for being undefeated at home in playoff games has gone down the drain.

They lost several of their starting offensive linemen, several of their wide receivers, and some key defensive players.

This team has gaps to fill in their roster after losing so many top players.

However, fans believe quarterback Aaron Rodgers can save the day.

But they are wrong, as he continually disappoints fans with the big games.

While some think he got the team a Super Bowl, it was really their second-ranked defense that got them there.

So without a good defense this season, and fewer weapons for Rodgers, don’t expect the Packers to go to the Super Bowl.

They might even lose the division to the Minnesota Vikings, something that could mean the end of an era in Green Bay.

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