3 NFL Teams Putting Their Fans In A Tough Spot

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In the NFL, fans are the lifeblood of every team.

Their devotion to their NFL team keeps those teams around.

Going to and watching their favorite team play gives them the revenue to get new and better talent.

However, there are three NFL teams putting those devoted fans of theirs in a tough spot for 2022.

How are these three teams putting fans in a tough spot?


3. Detroit Lions

The 2022 season for Detroit Lions fans will be tough.

Some fans are happy with the picks the team made in the NFL Draft.

Some fans wanted a change at quarterback during the draft.

But instead of drafting a quarterback, they got players they needed in other positions.

One of their needs was a receiver, but that receiver can’t even play for most of the year.

His ACL injury during the college championship game against the Georgia Bulldogs has him ruled out while he recovers.

Most people felt he would fall out of the first round because of his injury.

However, the Lions traded up to get him, something they could have done without and still got him.

So this means Jared Goff has a weapon he can’t even use for most of 2022, unless Jameson Williams makes a fast recovery.

That puts him and Lions’ fans in a tough spot.


2. Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks had a winning season in all but one season since drafting Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner.

However, the team parted ways with two of their cornerstones of the franchise.

With Wilson, they made a historic trade, getting players and multiple draft picks for him.

But with Wagner, they just let him become a free agent.

They are also having issues with one of their best receivers, DK Metcalf.

The young receiver is seeking a contract extension.

However, the team hasn’t worked out a new deal for the talented receiver.

Without their best defensive players and quarterback, along with the possibility of a trade of their receiver, there’s a lot for Seahawks fans to be mad about.



1. Cleveland Browns

If NFL fans want to see a train wreck in action, look no further than the Cleveland Browns.

After drafting Baker Mayfield in the first round in 2018, the team went behind his back to court a new quarterback.

When Mayfield found out, he wanted out of Cleveland.

He had no more love for his team, who was replacing him with Deshaun Watson.

However, the Watson trade has become a total mess in Cleveland.

The quarterback they paid $230 million to in a new contract, along with multiple high value draft picks, might not see the field in 2022.

The Browns wasted money, and future stars, all on one player that many people hate.

It’s hard for Browns fans to root for their team with everything that is being alleged with Watson and his misdeeds as a Texan.

So having Watson is what puts Browns fans in the worst position ever.

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