3 Cardinals Concerns After Extending Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray #1 of the Arizona Cardinals throws a pass against the AFC during the second half of the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl at Allegiant Stadium on February 06, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada
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The Arizona Cardinals have dealt with one of their looming issues for the 2022 season.

That issue was the contract of their starting quarterback, Kyler Murray.

With his new five-year deal, the team now has their quarterback situation in hand.

However, they still have other issues to address behind the Murray extension.

So what are the three concerns the team has after giving their quarterback the big deal before the weekend?


3. Marquise “Hollywood” Brown And His Contract

A move the Cardinals made during the 2022 NFL Draft was to trade for Marquise Brown.

Brown is the former college teammate of Murray, making it a brilliant decision to get him.

However, his contract expires at the end of next season, since the Cardinals picked up his fifth-year option.

With him back playing with his old teammate, the team must now get him a contract before it becomes an issue later on in the season.

Receivers in the NFL are getting huge contracts, so getting him a deal before the price goes up on him would be a smart move.

It would also keep the old college duo together, something that might help the team in the coming years.


2. What Do The Cardinals Do With DeAndre Hopkins?

With Brown now in Arizona, it now brings the question of what the team does with DeAndre Hopkins.

He’s set to miss six games this season, because of a violation of the NFL substance policy.

However, he is appealing that suspension, which could overturn the suspension or reduce the number of games he misses.

But regardless, the Cardinals have something to think about with him.

With his contract up in 2024, there’s some time for them to decide to keep or release him when the time comes.

They have Brown, who they must keep for Murray, and is someone younger than Hopkins.

The question would be if the Cardinals could afford, or want to, keep him around after 2024.

With Hopkins turning 33 when his contract expires, the team might move on from him.


1. Can The Cardinals Rebuild Their Defense In 2023

The Cardinals’ defense started 2021 with a hot hand against teams.

However, after the injury of J. J. Watt, the team’s defense would look lost for the rest of the season.

With him in the last year of his contract with the Cardinals, and him turning 34 years old next season, they need to rebuild their defense.

But the question is how the team will approach this situation next season.

Re-signing Watt would be too much of a risk, as he’s old and injury prone.

So they will need to use the 2023 NFL Draft or the free agent market to make some replacements.

Bradley Chubb could be someone the team could go after, seeing his contract will expire next year.

With there being options for the team, they can start the plans for the future now.

If the Cardinals want to remain contenders in a tough NFC West, a defensive rebuild must happen.

With 2022 about to kick off, they have limited time for their plans next season.

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