150 recreational cannabis licenses coming to NY

ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — Soon enough you won’t have to go too far to get recreational cannabis with New York’s Office of Cannabis Management accepting applications for retail dispensaries. The Office will license 150 qualifying business applicants.

The number of licenses for each region will be based on commuter population and population distribution. In the Capitol Region, a maximum of seven CUARD licenses will be distributed, in Central New York an additional seven, and in the Finger Lakes, nine just to name a few.

Juliana Whitney is president of the Cann strategy, which helps with licensing and operations for cannabis markets in the U.S., “Each license allows for one location and when I speak with the lawyers that I work with and my take on the regulations is that most likely that will be the same for the next round of dispensaries. They could change it so that one license gets you three because three is the maximum you’re allowed to have,” she said.

Some have criticized how the market will affect businesses who previously sold medical marijuana, but Whitney says their licenses will transfer over to recreational, it’s just a matter of when, “They actually are ahead of the game… ideally the state will have it so that when all of the other applications are occurring that those existing operators will occur at the same time.”

With recreational marijuana now being a new business endeavor in New York, how good will the quality be? “The quality of the cannabis in New York will be good because they require that the applicants and license holders had agricultural and farming experience which is different from many other states where you wind up who’ve never had agriculture experience, never had farming experience and inevitably really struggled to get quality product,” said Whitney. The Office also requires lab testing for these products ensuring higher quality.

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